BlueWalker 3 Magnitudes Wanted

From: Anthony Mallama via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 13:02:33 -0400
Hi Everyone,

I am collecting observations of BlueWalker 3 for characterizing its
brightness. Ideally I would like magnitude measurements made according to
the instructions that can be accessed by clicking ‘Download PDF’ from here: However, I am interested in any results
posted on SeeSat-L. Multiple observations during a pass and observations of
more than one pass will be very welcome.

If BlueWalker is highly luminous as expected, here are magnitudes of some
bright objects for reference: Jupiter, -2.9; Sirius, -1.5; Vega, 0.0;
Capella, 0.1; Altair, 0.8; Aldebaran, 0.9; Deneb, 1.2 and Polaris, 2.0.
Planetarium programs such as Stellarium and TheSky can also display
magnitudes for comparison stars.


Tony Mallama
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