Bright UNID axcross Moon same time as ISS w video, need help

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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 19:21:28 +0000 (UTC)
3rd party (in Toronto) filmed really bright satellite-like-looking-object passed across the Moon nearly at the same time the ISS passed across the Moon.
The object's short path was 24 degrees (flatter towards the South, W-E) offset of the ISS angle ISS W-E path at transit.
The object was moving approximately 5.8 times slower than the ISS per arc-angular measurement and frame timing.
link to animated GIF from video:

First, is there a way to use the data from photogrammetry to calculate an approximate orbital altitude and inclination if it were a satellite,,using orbital data on the ISS as a calibration point?I can't find any candidates on Calsky,but know everyone is searching for a new bright object, although I'd imagine it would be much faster.....Second, any thoughts on something?I suspect just a distant weather balloon, but wanted to consult the experts.
Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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