Anomalous flare from Iridium 24

From: Arto Oksanen via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 12:48:30 +0300
Last night I was taking picture of Milky Way and saw a short bright flash
from a satellite in Pegasus. It was very bright (mag -4 or brighter) and
brief (1 second or less). A faint satellite was visible for few tens of
seconds moving South before fading away.

The flare is well visible on my picture:

The path matches well with Iridium 24, but there is no predicted flare and
for a typical Iridium flare this was a very short duration. Also the flare
was seen more than one minute before the satellite should have been at the
flare point. The time was checked from a mobile phone with very accurate
time. It was still 20:02 UT well after the flare.

Flare time: 2015-09-10T20:01 UT
Observing site: Muurame, Finland (62.1259N, 25.7019E)

Could Iridium 24 have been more than minute ahead of the prediction and why
flaring unexpectedly?

Arto Oksanen
Muurame, Finland

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