may be debris ? - not sure - Sep 02 2015 New Mexico

From: Thomas Ashcraft via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 11:10:12 -0600
September 02 2015  0356:08 UT  Over eastern central New Mexico

I can't identify this captured event on my all-sky camera. It may have 
been merely an airplane but I could not make out clear running lights in 
the video.

I posted a stacked all-sky camera image here:

Note that the image shows line breaks but this was due to the limited 
amount of frames I could stack which was every three frames so it might 
give the appearance of flashing airplane lights.

Thank you in advance for any identification info.

Thomas Ashcraft
35.50 N  -105.59 W
New Mexico
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