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From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Mon Sep 30 2013 - 12:22:16 UTC

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    Afternoon all
    I havent written about this as Ive been swamped re it in this part of the world 
    with people and the press telephoning - where it was very widely observed and 
    photographed. It was indeed related to the Falcon 9 launch and most of the 
    reports clustered around about 1704 UT shortly before the satellites/rocket 
    entered earths shadow north of Madacasgar.
    I had posted a long story on my Facebook page early this morning and quite a few 
    photographs have since appeared on it as well as in another FACEBOOK group 
    called RSG which also received a large number of reports. A full story of the 
    event will probably appear in several South African newspapers.
    I did not see it - I was asleep in front of the TV and was woken up by telephone 
    calls - anyway it was too low in Cape Town so I wouldnt have seen it anyway and 
    it was quite strong twilight. It was photographed at Sutherland in twilight.
    Anyway I am mentally exhausted from it so if anybody wants more then they will 
    have to go to my FACEBOOK page where I posted various maps from HEAVENSAT 
    The burn or venting occurred at the apogee of the orbit if the data on 
    SPACETRACK is correct - around altitude 1605 kms.
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