Re: Atlantic SLBM Test Launches

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2013 - 22:03:42 UTC

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    Op 24-9-2013 23:11, Ted Molczan schreef:
    > Could this Broadcast Warning message define the impact point?
    > ( 090508Z SEP 2013 )
    > HYDROLANT 2203/2013 (57)
    > (Cancelled by HYDROLANT 2203/2013)
    > ROCKETS.
    > 1. HAZARDOUS OPERATIONS 091400Z TO 140130Z SEP
    >     IN AREA BOUND BY
    >     09-18S 000-26W, 09-50S 000-32E,
    >     12-03S 002-39E, 13-40S 004-09E,
    >     14-09S 003-49E, 13-06S 001-56E,
    >     11-05S 000-58W, 10-55S 001-05W,
    >     09-56S 000-50W.
    > 2. CANCEL THIS MSG 140230Z SEP 13.
    > If it seems a likely fit, then perhaps someone could try to fit a sub-orbital trajectory to the data extracted from the
    > imagery by Cees and Marco, constrained by the approximate launch site and the above impact zone.
    The distance seems about right for the range of the Trident II (about 7000 km) 
    from the general launch area I indicated.
    It would indicate I was wrong in my flightpath azimuth by some 40-45 degrees or 
    so, which is very well possible (I think you need obs from two localities, not 
    one, to get a proper result in this). I assume such a missile doesn't do a 
    dog-leg after launch?
    - Marco
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