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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2013 - 09:32:13 UTC

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    Had a very interesing report through e-mail today from observers
    at the end of St.Vincent gulf . South Australia.
    Please give me any suggestions. It looks like a 3-4 minute rocket burn
    at moderate altitude, any other alternatives?
    Good afternoon, my name is Tim Gill. I thought i would contact you 
    regarding something we witnessed last saturday evening at approx 
    9.30pm on the 21/9/13. I was standing out the front of our shack in 
    Port Augusta looking east towards the Flinders Ranges as we just had 
    another spectacular moonrise, it was then that a red light caught my 
    attention further towards the south east approx 35 degrees above the 
    Flinders Ranges, immediatly knowing there are no towers or 
    instruments which this light could be coming from i called out to a 
    mate who was sitting inside at the time, as he came outside this red 
    light gathered in intensity until it became so bright it was unlike 
    anything we have ever witnessed, the intensity grew so much that i 
    had to rub my eyes to beleive what i was seeing, then in an instant 
    the light turned to a brilliant green, then faded to a silver and 
    completly dissapeared, (this would have happened over a period over 
    about 3-4 minutes) the object remained stationary the entire time, as 
    there was a so much moon at the time, it was obvious there was 
    nothing at the location the light was coming from because after it 
    dissapeared we would have seen something i.e helicopter, but there 
    was nothing. The colours of this light and the way they changed so 
    quickly was truly unbeleivable, this WAS NOT an aircraft, laser or 
    flare. Both myself and my freind are intelligent people but are at a 
    lost to explain what we had witnessed. I was just wondering if anyone 
    else had reported this event or if you could provide any relative 
    explanation. Any feedback regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Tim Gill
    Port Augusta is 32.5 d south, 137.767E.
    Local tine is 9.5 hours ahead of UT. hence time of observation is 
    12:00  Saturday 21 September 2013.
    I have not received other reports as of 09:30 UT september 24
    Tony Beresford 
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