New APP for timing satellites

Date: Sat Sep 07 2013 - 18:06:01 UTC

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    I've released the second version of the Stopwatch App. I was not able yet to 
    all the changes I put in the list, however, I implemented the most important 
    I changed the synchronization function to use a real NTP server instead of our 
    web server,
    I've also included a list of 9 servers located in different countries so that 
    the user can
    select the best one. The default one is the NTP server located at the INRiM 
    institute in Italy
    (later I will give the user the possibility to input the address of a server).
    I have also improved the function for reducing the network latency. With this 
    new version and 
    connecting to the INRiM server I usually achieve synchronizations better than 
    30-50 ms.
    Tests are welcome! The app is available on the Google Play (searching for 
    "Time the sat satflare"),
    and at the following link:
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