LADEE launch as seen from southern Rhode Island

Date: Sat Sep 07 2013 - 04:12:43 UTC

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    Very nice! I got down to the parking lot at Mackerel Cove [lat/lon=41.4890,-71.3818] about a minute before launch, and sure enough a minute later over Beavertail, there was an orange plume rising up (from the launch site in northern Virginia). It rolled over slowly towards the left, accelerating, and soon enough the first stage burned out, and for a moment it was hard to see. Then 'wooosh'! Bright flash and the second stage lit up creating a nice cloud of smoke. All of this in total silence [naturally]. The second stage burned very bright pushing it off to the east and leaving behind a long streamer of smoke high in the atmosphere (but low above the southern horizon from here). It passed about a degree south of Fomalhaut still heading east and on its way to the Moon... I did not see anything after second stage burnout.
    Frank Reed
    Conanicut Island USA
    PS: I just copied the above from my somewhat longer FB post with a few additions in square brackets.
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