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Date: Fri Sep 06 2013 - 21:46:58 UTC

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    Sorry, old reply not sent !?
    For beginners, it can help to use a pencil or a screwdriver instead of your
    Looking at this "pointer" and adjusting distance you should see "three
    If you look at the images, you should "see two" pointers, positioned at
    corresponding parts of the images - then look at the pointer but focus on
    the "new middle image"
    Remove the pointer quickly so your eyes don't follow it.
    Philip is correct about the time of training usually required. But consider
    that with un-crossed images virtually nobody can view images more than 6 cm
    apart, ie very small images.
    For large images, untrained viewers can start watching at a longer distance.
    2013/7/27 Philip <>
    > **
    > Cross Eyed 3D viewing.
    > Make this in
    > It can be difficult for some peopleto learn but it's NOT impossible. It
    > just takes a few minutes of practice. Then you can do it almost every time.
    > You'll need to SLIGHTLY cross your eyes so that the 2 videos overlap.
    > You'll know you've got it when you see 3 images. The 2 on the outsides will
    > be kind of ghostly and the middle one will be in 3D (if you can see it
    > without any blur). If you're seeing 4 images then you're crossing your eyes
    > WAY too much. Trust me, you won't really hurt or look half dumb if you do
    > it right. Essentially, the right eye will be looking at the left image and
    > the left eye looking at the right image. Again, it can be difficult to do
    > if you haven't had practice but you'll be amazed at what you'll see once
    > you can! Try sitting away from the screen a bit and holding your thumb
    > about half way between your eyes and the screen. You'll notice that while
    > you're focused on your thumb, both of the videos will be overlapped. If the
    > images aren't overlapping then just adjust yourself so that they are. Once
    > you've got them lined up, remove your finger and hold your eyes in that
    > position.
    > When you get real good at it. Then put both of your hands together to make
    > a circle to look threw. This is to look at the center image only viewing.
    > This is really "COOL" when you can do that.
    > GOOD LUCK....
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