USA245 flare

From: Vitaly Mechinsky (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2013 - 21:37:12 UTC

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    This description of USA245 magnitude changes during flight write to me
    Anatoly Grigor'ev (Russia, Yarovoe, 52.9206 N 78.5828 E). Sorry, I
    don't know how to use the PPAS format sufficiently, so I give the
    description in words.
    USA245 was seen at Aquilla at 16h07m UT, it was +3.5m.
    >From Aquilla to Libra (16h07m00s - 16h08m30s UT) magnitude decreases
    down to +4.0m.
    In the "head" of Draco (16h09m UT) magnitude began to increase.
    Near eta Draco (16h09m32s) USA245 made a flare up to -2.5m! Duration
    of flash approximately 10-15 s, yellow color.
    After flare its brightness decreases to +4.0m, and after that it
    stopped to be visible.
    Best regards,
    Vitaly (Minsk, Belarus).
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