Re: Re: New APP for satellite observing

From: Jon Mikel (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2013 - 21:26:07 UTC

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    Thanks to you Simone, by the way I've got a suggestion: Add a capability to
    enter a comment in the time. This would be very usefull to ID it later at
    home. Also it will be great to add the capability to save the times in IOD
    format (YYMMDDHHMMSSsss) for only copy it to a notepad. Another suggestion
    would be to have the capability to enter the coordinates of the observing
    site (as example 6242).
    I think that in some weeks you will have a great app for take accurate
    times. Thanks for develope it, really.
    Jon Mikel, COSPAR 6242, 42.9453, -2.82839, 623m, Bitoriano, Basque Country.
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