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Date: Tue Sep 03 2013 - 15:07:03 UTC

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    For those who may have a view, customized ephemeris for the upcoming LADEE launch are available on JPL HORIZONS (, object ID is "-12".  
    >From that site: 
    Nominal trajectory here corresponds to a 2013-Sep-07 03:27 UTC launch
       (opening of a 5-minute window), but data begins after the 2013-Sep-07 
       03:50:27 UTC injection.
       In Eastern Daylight Time, this corresponds to Sep. 6 at 11:27 p.m. and 
       11:50 p.m., respectively (Friday night).  Launch is from Wallops Flight 
       Facility (Virginia) on a Minotaur V. Trans-lunar injection via STAR 37 FM 
       upper stage.
    There is additional info on staging and viewing of the launch itself at 
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