Re: CZ-4C DEB 36417 Flares while in shadow - is this common ?

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 05:48:35 UTC

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    Hi and thanks for your reply :
    > I would also find it strange for an object to flare in shadow and don't have an answer for you
    > there other than to question if it was really in shadow .
     Yes , good point . Perhaps others could confirm that possibility . 
    Sept 11 2012  06:00:15 UTC
    43.20543  -79.26001  100 M Elev
    For that object Satflare indicates -
    DEC  43.45
    RA   5.24h
     After that recent stretching exercise ...
    (see :  Any Idea Which Of These Objects I May Have Seen ?)
    (see :  Complicated Question about sky geometry          )
    ... this particular sighting was a can of corn . Nestled right in there between
    Capella , Almaaz , Hoedus II & Haedus . It could not have been any easier .
     Time wise I may have been off as much as 4 seconds , because I had not reset my
    stop watch app and had to manually pull it out of my pocket and pull it up and
    hit the hot-key . However , time accuracy in this case isn't so critical . I spotted it in
    an area that was still (supposedly) in shadow ...
     The best-guess , for me , might be a UNID perhaps , that may have an odd , maybe deep
    orbit that may have taken it out of shadow . However , that is a very , very deep
    hypothesis that will probably never be answered , I'd have to guess .
    >  However, regarding your last question, the space-track (NORAD) common names are not unique. 
    >  While in-tact satellites have unique names, rocket bodies and debris do not.  The rocket 
    >  bodies are named by class (CZ-4C is a designation for a Chinese Long March 4C).  Debris is
    >  named after the source body name with deb appended.  For the case of rocket bodies, it's
    >  therefore possible for debris from different sources to have the same common name.  The
    >  international designation can tell you which objects are associated with the same launch.
    >   For your case, this is 2010-009E, which means 36417 is debris from a launch of a CZ-4C 
    >  that was the 9th launch in 2010 and is the 5th (the "E") object cataloged from that launch. 
    Well , very interesting . I had no idea . I Really need to start researching more of course .
    Thanks again for your time & information .
    Cheers !
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