Complicated Question about sky geometry

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Date: Sat Sep 08 2012 - 04:14:01 UTC

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      Made a bad basic mistake in my search for that dusk flash . Because there were
    only 4 stars visible I drew a line between Altair & Arcturus , and the flash was
    right at that midpoint , but around 10 degrees below that line toward the horizon .
     So , that's what I did in Satflare in it's Skychart , as I described in that post
    (see - Any idea which of these objects I may have seen) .
     However , you cannot draw a straight line at that elevation (49 degrees for
    Altair & 35 for Arcturus) in a Skychart . The line between those 2 points obviously
    must be curved downward .
     My question is ... how curved ? Is there an app that would allow me to select
    2 points or 2 stars in a skychart and then it would draw the proper curved line
    that would represent the straight line that I drew in that light sky ?
     If not , is there a workaround approach to picking a midway point that would be
    at the proper elevation (not the improper elevation that I initially assumed ) ?
    Sept 07 2012  00:20:30 UTC
    43.20543  -79.26001  95M Elev
    Cheers & thanks in advance ,
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