RE: Need information from archived satellite situation reports

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2012 - 08:33:47 UTC

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    Morning Ted
    Ive gone through my collection of CD's/DVD's and the best I can come up with is:
    Satellite Situation Report dated Sep 30, 1997   decay date  21 Feb 1991 Molniya 
    2-16 1976-116A #09574
    Satellite Situation Report dated Apr 30, 1999   decay date  18 Jan 1991
    It would appear that I only collected the monthly SSR's of objects in orbit and 
    about once a year I downloaded  the decayed objects catalog.
    So it looks like your "decay" window change is now narrowed down to sometime 
    after Sep 30,1997 and sometime before Feb 28,1998.
    Hope this helps
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