Brilliant Sunset -6 Flare ... Not ! - ( False alarm )

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2012 - 04:10:31 UTC

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     I'll get to the punch line right away . They were jet aircraft . Interesting though is
    the fact that they were aircraft not on their normal flight paths but were being diverted
    because of a storm at one of the 3 international airports within a 35 KM radius .
     I have seen glints before , but never -6 to -8 flares , even though I've watched
    500 hundred or so sunsets during the last few years in the exact same location . The thing
    was that , the flare would die down and nothing was there , just dark blue sky .
     It was just a freak luck kind of thing and if I hadn't finally watched 1 flare die down
    and reveal an aircraft I would never have known what caused them .
    PS :
     Saw 6 of those crazy chinese candle balloons I reported last month , this labor day
    weekend evening . At first sight I still was not sure what I was seeing until I watched
    the lights finally disappear almost instantly in a cloudless sky .
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