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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Sep 24 2011 - 03:44:36 UTC

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    I'm glad that others have been getting to see it,
    especially including for example the crowd that 
    was with Bryan Tobias elsewhere in San Antonio
    and Paul Maley's expert observation.
    I should have added in my previous message that 
    1) Mike had sent me the prediction several hours 
    in advance and I didn't have an opportunity to 
    check back later for any updates, 2) I wish I'd 
    had a green laser pointer so that I could have 
    pointed it out to my sister and the neighbors -- 
    as it was visible for only maybe 15 seconds from 
    when I caught sight of it, and 3) if it wasn't 
    obvious, my sighting was without magnification, 
    one power.  A guy from San Antonio got an image 
    of it that's posted on the 
    I hope someone somewhere gets to see the re-entry!
    Ed Cannon - Texas, USA
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