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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Sep 24 2011 - 01:42:01 UTC

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    I was with my sister and two neighbors, but unfortunately I
    was the only one who saw it.  It seemed pretty close to on
    time (although I didn't try to do a scientific measurement),
    but it disappeared into the Earth's shadow considerably
    (40 degrees?) lower in the sky than expected after only a
    few seconds.  I guess that means it was a little closer to 
    the shadow than the prediction that Mike had sent to me.  
    Oh, I'm currently in San Antonio, not Austin, Texas.  The
    predicted time was about 8:18 PM local (1:18 UTC on 24
    Sept).  It reached about magnitude 1, seemed a bit reddish
    (due to sunset light I'm sure), and did a small flash just 
    before it disappeared.  It was supposed to have reached the
    zenith here but faded quickly before it reached 50 degrees,
    approximately.  It was climbing up the Milky Way above 
    Scorpius, if the galaxy had been visible.
    Ed Cannon
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