Re: 35 Years Ago: NASA Unveils First Space Shuttle, 'Enterprise'

Date: Sat Sep 17 2011 - 22:19:00 UTC

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    Good Afternoon:
    One of my memories of the Space Shuttle program was the day the wings were joined to Enterprise's fuselage.
    A news media event was held at North American Rockwell's facility at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. My friend and I flew up to William Fox field, rented a car and drove to the plant.
    We entered a large hanger and saw Enterprise sitting in front of us. It was impressive and beautiful.
    Were were taken up to a conference room for the media event. There were not many people there and my friend and I were the only news media. Sitting next to me dressed in a buisness suit was astronaut John Young.
    Several minutes later my friend and I had the opportunity to walk into Enterprise's cargo bay. I remember seeing a lot of arms and legs protruding into the cargo bay from people working within the craft's various recesses.
    As far as the wings being joined, we went up there to see it, but did not for some reason.
    A few years later, I went to Edwards AFB and attended all or nearly all, of the flight tests of Enterprise atop the 747 carrier aircraft.
    Brian Webb
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