Re: Why do people look at satellites?

From: Makoto Kamada (
Date: Sat Sep 10 2011 - 03:12:18 UTC

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    I watched the Future Boy Conan, which is a Japanese animation series
    directed by Hayao Miyazaki and aired in 1978, in childhood. I was very
    excited by the solar power satellite and its tracking system in the
    episode 23.
    Even though I can not watch so many stars in the sky due to bad eyes,
    I am very happy when ISS, iridium flares, and more appear in the
    almost same position as calculated by the Satellite Tracker 3D created
    by me as a hobby.
    Makoto Kamada
    On 2011/09/09 5:30, Roger wrote:
    > Just wondering, what's the reason some of you watch satellites, work
    > related?  Purely hobbiest?
    > Any goals for people,anybody have a 'must see' list they try to
    > complete?   I've been lurking for a few years, so I know some of you
    > specialize in types of satellites.   Even if I don't post, I do
    > appreciate some of the observations people make.
    > I first started intentionally seeking out satellites back in Sky-lab
    > days.    Later on, after the shuttle missions started, I started
    > watching those when I could.    I did manage to catch the Mir before
    > it came back down.
    > Lately, I've been more of a watcher, than try to figure out what I
    > saw.   I do want to try for the hubble when I'm far enough south, but
    > usually have to wait for vacation for that.
    > ~44N  ~123W
    > Roger
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