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Date: Fri Sep 09 2011 - 14:31:08 UTC

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    > Because my dad took me outside on a cold Lompoc winter night, held me up
     and said
    > "see, there's Echo II".  "It's a big balloon that that 
    reflects radio signals."  He worked on
    >  the launch team for the Thor 
    Similar experience here.  I was ten years old and some families in the neighborhood were having an Echo (II) party at the only home of the "ultra-modern," late 50's, early 60's style (lots of glass, single story, nearly fat roof intersecting at different angles, etc.) in our very new, suburban neighborhood.  The unusual exterior and interior style of that home added an additional tech flavor to the mood.  One of the local TV stations was broadcasting the classic film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" for the Echo pass and put an intermission in the film when the pass was to occur.  Seeing that very bright object smoothly and beautifully gliding through the star field was enough to put me on a science/tech path for life.  When I describe to people what happened from that point on and throughout my high school years, they typically say, "That sounds like October Sky" (Rocket Boys).
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