5919 obs attempt

From: Björn Gimle (bg_26934@glocalnet.net)
Date: Tue Sep 28 2010 - 21:21:03 UTC

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    We've had some sunny days lately, but yesterday was the first good evening since the XSS-
    SBSS-AEHF-FIA search elsets appeared (thanks, Ted!).
    However, it clouded out before I could make any useful observatioen (I did SEE Larosse 
    Tonight was slightly better - I found SBSS 1 rk apparantly on time. Then, with just 
    three SBSS alternative elsets at 630 km altitude, spanning 78 minutes, I started a rather 
    futile manual search.
    An object appeared at about 20:27 above alpha UMa, roughly consistent with SBSS raised 
    at about midnight UTC, but even more consistent with 01-56F #27006 Zenith-2 rocket, but 
    clouds again ruined more positions, and confirmation of shadow entry.
    On top of that my stopwatch ran berserk before I could read it, and reset itself to 2000-
    01-01 00:00:00.... !
    -- COSPAR 5919, MALMA,    59.2576 N, 18.6172 E, 23 m --
    -- COSPAR 5918, HAMMARBY, 59.2985 N, 18.1045 E, 44 m --
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