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From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sun Sep 27 2009 - 10:13:49 UTC

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    Yesterday three members of the BWGS met at my houseboat in Almere.
    Bram Dorreman, Marco Langbroek and I talked about sat observing in teh 
    Marco demonstrated his software he uses to measure the sattracks on his 
    digital photo's
    After a chinese take-away meal we went ouyside to do some observing.
    At 18:44 UT we saw a nice flare  to at least mag -3 from Iridium 80 some 14 
    km from the central path.
    Marco made a nice photo of it.
    09-49 F, Fregat/Iris, passed at 19:20 and was S mag 4
    While waiting for the C-object, that we didn't see, an unknown passed by at 
    It was ID as 82-73 E and it was S mag 5.5
    Then we had two classified objects.
    05-16 A Lacrosse 5 did its disapperance trick in UMI at 19:44. Just before 
    it reached mag 2.
    05-42 A USA 189 was S, mag 4 at 19:51 UT.
    Marco made photo's of both.
    05-04 A & C were nice at 20:09 UT at mag S, 4
    At 20:56 the NOSS 3-3 rocket, 05-04 B, flashed by.
    Bram and I timed the flashes.
    05-04 B  2009-09-26 20:56:19 LB 89.6 0.2 11  8.14 AA, 4->i
    Timings: 8.05 8.00 8.38 7.86 8.36 8.00 8.25 8.40 7.76 16.55 sec.
    Missed thr 10th flash.
    Then the sky became too milky to more observations.
    Inside the boat Marco started measuring his photo's and Bram
    put his obs in his observation log.
    It was a good meeting and very nice to observe together.
    Greetings and clear skies,
    Leo Barhorst Almere The Netherlands
    52.3717 N 05.2580 E -2 m MSL 
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