Please Help ID a Pair of Satellites

From: Brad Young (
Date: Mon Sep 21 2009 - 17:20:13 UTC

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    From a friend I met in Australia, I'm just back from a week at a star party and no access yet to elements...
    I saw an interesting pairing of satellites the other night in Walcha whilst observing. I have no idea what it was, I had nothing showing on Heavens Above, maybe you could help??
    It happened around 10:10pm EST (12:10 UT) on the 17th Sept, I was looking South-West, if I drew a straight line from Delta Scorpii through Beta Lupus and continuing south to just between Beta Centaurus and Beta Crucis.
    There were 2 brightish (mag 2) satellites, separated by 30 to 40” travelling from West to South along the line I mentioned.
    The satellite trailing the first brightened to about mag -1 for a period of about 30 seconds or so, this is what drew me to the satellites.
    I could only assume that they were chasing each other, one friend on the SCP forum suggested it might be a Japanese orbiter chasing the ISS, but I had no ISS predictions on Heavens-Above.
    My location was my regular observing site S 31 00’ 23.4” ; E 151 33’ 13.6”
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