Re: ISS and HTV1 very close

From: Daniel Trads (
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 18:31:31 UTC

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    Hi again
    Marco Langbroek wrote:
    > Derek C Breit schreef:
    [SNIP - ISS isn't always where it is supposed to be]
    Okay good to know that. The reason that I used the ISS was that my videocamera isn't a low light camera. I could barely see stars to mag 2. Tonight i'll try to catch a ISS pass with Altair and Rasalhague as reference stars. Huge FOV, so it will not be that accurate. Well it's going to be fun anyways. :)
    > I have found that good calibrators are the Iridium satelites. There are 
    > plenty of them, and their orbits are carefully maintained.
    Ok, I'll remember that when I get a low light camera. :)
    >> Doesn't Denmark have some sort of shortwave time signals similar to the
    >> USA's WWV??
    > Yup, DCF77 from Germany will also be available from Denmark. You can buy 
    > cheap receivers for only a few Euro for this radio signal.
    > DCF77 is what I use as my time source.
    What I could test yesterday with my videocamera was that the time readings from Heavensat. The second part changed at frame 15 +- 2 frames. That's 80 ms uncertainty, so I guess I'll stick to a DCF77-clock or my handheld GPS until I find a better "show the clock" program.
    > - Marco
    Daniel Trads 
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