HTV-1 observed (at last!)

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 17:58:41 UTC

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    In absolutely perfect conditions (Murphy must be on vacation or perhaps 
    waiting to strike for tomorrow's final approach?) I observed the ISS and HTV 
    with the predicted 6 minutes of separation.
    Using a Canon Powershot A480 handheld I attempted to film the ISS. 
    Predicted to culminate around -4.3 and was somewhere near that, possibly a 
    little less.
    Unfortunately though the ISS is clearly visible on the camera replay screen 
    the video does not appear to be good enough for publication.  However I 
    didn't think to turn off the sound and the neighbour's dog can be clearly 
    heard taking exception to my suspicious activity at 5 o'clock in the morning 
    :-)  It does occur to me though that using the sound is a useful tool should 
    it be necessary to record comments on an observation (with care not to 
    mutter  too loudly if anything goes wrong lol.)
    The HTV was around mag 1, easily seen 1x but with no flaring.  It faded 
    rapidly as was predicted.  Couldn't pick it up on the camera.
    Also attempted to observe 35819 and 35820 unsuccessfully with binoculars, 
    this can be put down to the fact that sky was getting brighter.
    Still a rewarding morning's viewing.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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