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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 10:02:49 UTC

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    HTV orbit was due to be boosted at midnight UTC.
    Judging by its current orbit that has occurred successfully. Further boosts 
    are planned before docking.
    For schedule refer
    I have so far been unable to observe this object owing to weather conditions 
    (this morning cloud appeared at the EXACT time and position when and where 
    HTV was due to appear!)
    We have a good early morning pass here tomorrow our time: there is some 
    chance that cloud may clear.  This is a good shadow exit pass, all of the 
    visible (but obscured!)  passes I have missed have also been shadow exits
    The next morning our time (early Thursday evening UTC) weather permitting we 
    will see the HTV on its final approach to the ISS but cloud may again be an 
    OT: Interesting that Nicole Stott will be grappling the HTV while it passes 
    over here our Friday morning seeing  she visited here last year, as I 
    reported on Seesat at the time. I don't think she will be checking the view 
    of this country on that pass though :-)
    New Zealand
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    Similar flare seen from NW UK Jean
    About 2 secs in duration as satellite passed to the east.
    For what its worth I have put an image here...
    .........on the "HTV " tab , which shows three captures during and after the 
    Underneath I have also indicated my interpretation of the atitude of the 
    Direction of travel was right to left.....HTV seems to be travelling 
    "booster" forwards.
    My images were taken at about the same time as Jeans report...unfortunately 
    my laptop clock is not correctly synchronised so I can't be any more 
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