USA 144 Deb, Pierre's Sats, etc..

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 20:23:38 UTC

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    I intend on observing tonight. If fog doesn't form, it should be spectacular
    here after a couple hundredths of an inch of rain last night..
    So.. I have a good pass of USA 144 Deb ( 25746 ). Does this object need
    positional timings or period timings or has this been "solved"??
    I also hit the wrong button in Heavensat and erased all my User Sats like an
    idiot, so if you have told me to watch out for specific sats, please tell me
    again so I can repopulate the list.. I have Vortex 1, 2, and 3, as well as
    90084, which I wish to try for..
    Actually anything in particular that needs an observation from the West
    Coast I could always use a "heads up" on.. Especially any "soon to decay"..
    Direct emails might be best..
    Thanks in Advance.. I just don't do this enough to be good at target
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