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Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 03:09:16 UTC

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    Hi Marco and list,
    This spacecraft seems to produce short flares at least once at almost every
    pass. I saw one myself on Sept. 13 at about 00:02:10 UTC that lasted about 2
    seconds with a magnitude of -2 to -3 and someone on my Obsat list
    photographed one on Sept. 11 :
    We see the short flare on the otherwise faint horizontal trail on that
    I don't know if the spacecraft is in a barbecue mode or is in a stable mode.
    If it is stable, these flares must come from a reflective flat surface or
    something similar and should be predictable.
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    Hi all,
    Just saw a nice pass of the HTV-1 again, mag. ~0. It flared once, at about
    19:28:35 UTC, to mag. -2.
    Had bad luck with the pictures though: flare happened inbetween two
    exposures, and the images turned out a tad unsharp (was using another lens
    than usual to get a wider FOV because of the fast movement of the HTV).
    - Marco
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