Re: HTV Observation Second Orbit

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 20:44:19 UTC

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    That's the same pass of my observation.  No other objects seen nearby.
     I suppose the final stage of its booster should have been
    de-orbited.(I think)
    Tristan Cools
    2009/9/10, Gerhard HOLTKAMP <>:
    > HTV rose up almost vertically in the sky for its second pass here. It
    > appeared
    > weak at first but picked up in magnitude to about mag 1 or better just
    > before shadow ingress which happened at 19:49:19 UTC, 10-SEP-09. It appeared
    > even more reddish than on the first pass.
    > Like on the first pass I've seen only one object and I assume it was the HTV
    > rather than the booster. I'll have to check the Spacetrack TLEs to clear it
    > up. (Thanks Marco for the note on the availabilty of the elements).
    > With good evening visibility over the next few days it will be interesting
    > to
    > see the rendezvous with the ISS.
    > Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    > Darmstadt, Germany
    > 49.8822N, 8.6558E
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