NOSS sighted + unknown tumbler ahead of them

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Tue Sep 30 2008 - 01:06:51 UTC

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    Active night casually observing.
    Saw USA 182/Lacrosse 5, flared nice about magnitude 2 before dimming to 
    mag 3.
    While searching for a cosmos rocket, came across SL-12 R/B AUX MO (15773 
    1985-042-E) traveling north.
    Then caught Cosmos 1400 rocket a couple minutes behind that.
    Highlight came watching the two NOSS 3-2 (A and C) together.  But what 
    caught my eye was about 45 seconds ahead of them a tumbling satellite 
    going south.  It appeared to be going further south.  Flash appeared to 
    be about a 5 sec interval.
    35.9676N, 84.0251W
    Gregory S. Williams
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