Need Help Identifing a Slow Flashing Object

From: Chris Zietkiewicz (
Date: Mon Sep 29 2008 - 12:04:16 UTC

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    On September 29, 2008 I observed a flashing object to the ENE.  I observed
    the object between 6:40 UTC and 7:40 UTC (12:40 AM to 1:40 AM MDT).  At time
    7:40 UTC the approximate elevation was between 15 and 20 degrees at an
    azimuth angle of 75 degrees.  The interval between flashes was a very
    consistent 30 seconds (plus or minus a few seconds, I did not use a watch)
    but the flash intensive was highly variable.    The weakest flash was at the
    threshold of visibility with 10 x 50 binoculars while the brightest was
    likely visible with the naked eye and always a pure white color.  The
    flashes appeared to be a random mix of bright and dim events with no pattern
    evident over the 1 hour observation period.  The object appeared to move in
    a line with an approximate velocity on 0.003 degrees per second calculated
    at time 7:40 UTC.  The distance traveled between flashes was observed to be
    about 0.08 degrees.  During the 1 hour of observation the object moved about
    10 degrees towards a more Northerly azimuth angle and the elevation angle
    was decreasing with the passage of time.  My location is lat. 40.279
    degrees, long -105.358, and at 2,072 m here in Larimer county Colorado.  I
    am very new to this sport, what did I observe?
    Best regards,
    Chris Zietkiewicz
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