FW: Proton M re-entry 25-09-08

From: Andy (andy@television.f9.co.uk)
Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 - 21:29:10 UTC

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    What's reported as the re-entry of a Proton M rocket body 2008 046D launched
    from Baikonur on Sept 25 around 08:49 UTC re-entered the atmosphere the same
    day just after 20:54:30 UTC over northern France. I witnessed the re-entry
    by radio reflection on my 143.050 MHz (Graves satellite radar) and 55.250
    MHz (Belgium and Portugal TV) meteor observation systems, as did several
    other radio observers in northern Europe. Attempts are being made to
    coordinate observations. There were also apparently many visual observations
    that were reported by French witnesses, mainly in Brittany. 
    This is a link to a spectrogram of my 143.050 MHZ observation:
    Note that the angle of the slope of the Doppler line appears to change,
    either indicating that the object is decelerating, or due to the change in
    geometry between transmitter, object and receiver. 
    My location is West Devon in south-west England.
    Andy Smith,
    G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Page
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