SZ-7 rocket again

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2008 - 17:40:28 UTC

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    Skies better than expected, partly cloudy with strong to gale force winds 
    but clear enough in the area of interest for a high pass to the 
    Northwest/Northeast again, higher than yesterday morning.
    Good correspondence to 33387 Object B.
    Now as might be expected a fast mover and there did seem to be some 
    inconsistency in magnitude  averaging about mag 1 though was not able to 
    establish a pattern during this shadow exit pass.  Definitely should be kept 
    an eye on in view of the fact that I reported it appearing steady, Ted 
    reported a slow variation shortly afterwards and this may have increased 
    Only one point obtained, almost appulsed Canis Major at 16:45:20 plus or 
    minus 1 sec, lovely,  looked as if it was going to appulse but appeared to 
    "touch" the very edge of it.
    Unfortunately missed SZ7 itself while writing this one up- silly me lol. 
    (Once again human error- I had fed in new elements for the rocket in 
    Orbitron and not the payload!)  These 4:45 a.m starts do not agree with me 
    though yesterday's one paid off handsomely as I am not aware of any earlier 
    observation and it would have been one of very few  where they were in close 
    PS be very careful to spell correctly in your browser, 
    there is a very impressive looking spoof site!
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    (UTC plus 12 till tomorrow when NZ Daylight time kicks in to become UTC plus 
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