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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2008 - 00:10:07 UTC

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    Hi Kevin and list,
    I was a bit luckier. Clouds were moving in but were low enough to permit
    The rocket stage was observed at mag 0.7 quite steady and yellowish. I
    didn't notice a regular and noticeable variation in brightness during my 45
    second observation before shadow entry. My stopwatch malfunctioned so I
    couldn't take the exact time but this object looked many seconds early
    compared to the Space Track elset with the epoch 269.845.
    Shenzhou 7 was a lot fainter and hard to see. It reached only mag 3 and was
    steady. I corrected my stopwatch problem and timed it as being right on time
    when using the epoch 269.859 elset from Space Track.
    I tried to observe the two debris objects but was unsuccessful with my
    20x80. The sky was not very dark and there were very thin high clouds. 
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    So much for seeing the chinese spacecraft pass by.
    It was clear the last 3 nights, then one something interesting going to
    happen, the darn clouds show up. 
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