RE: Shenzhou 7 pre-launch estimated elements

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 14:01:05 UTC

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    The consensus of recent news reports found using Google News is that the launch
    occurred on 2008 Sep 25 at 13:10 UTC, as had been expected. Therefore, the
    search elements I posted last week are applicable:
    Also a good idea to monitor Space Track for actual elements:
    I believe the international designations will be 2008-046A and B, for the
    payload and rocket body. As many as four rapidly decaying separation motor
    covers from the rocket may also be catalogued. Please be aware that USSTRATCOM
    has in the past issued some Shenzhou elsets with incorrect identifiers, such
    that the payload and rocket were swapped.
    Ted Molczan
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