Man made debris or Natural

From: Don Russell (
Date: Sun Sep 21 2008 - 08:44:38 UTC

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    Looking for your opinion on this object re-entering.
    Sorry I didn't have a watch for a more accurate time, but between 10
    and 10:30 pm CDT on the 20th,
    I saw a fairly bright object re-entering traveling almost due north
    with a little westward component
    added in. It appeared directly overhead and flared to a peak of around
    -2 mag. by the time it reached
    just above and left of polaris. Is it possible for that to be a
    standard meteor or maybe something man
    made, since with was slightly retrograde. It wasn't a sat flare as I
    see them pass over all the time out
    here. It was definitely re-entering and was really moving fast.
    Machesney Park, Illinois
    42 deg 22 min 02 sec N
    89 deg 05 min 13 sec W
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