Impending decay of 32713 DELTA 2 rocket

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sun Sep 07 2008 - 09:39:51 UTC

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    This rocket from the GPS 62 launch is likely to decay within the next 24 
    hours or less.
    With an inclination of 33 degrees it may be of interest to those in the 
    Northern North Island, too low for us down here to see much.
    There are three passes over the North of here close to the time of decay 
    predicted by Calsky, one of them is just before the predicted time and one 
    just afterwards.  Usual problem with Space-Track user agreement  but their 
    prediction is not totally incompatible with that scenario though an earlier 
    decay seems conceivable.
    Could get interesting if the object burns up anywhere near Auckland :-)
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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