A flash seen in a video wide field

From: Francisco Ocaņa (albireo3000@yahoo.es)
Date: Sat Sep 06 2008 - 11:17:27 UTC

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    Hello list,
    while recording meteors I've found many flashes that I can not identify. 
    I supposed the first one to be a point meteor, but 2 per night are too 
    much :-) I have seen many Iridiums and these flashes donīt resemble them 
    to me. Are there more satellites able to give so brigh flashes?
    You can see the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SipSmahFL68 . At 
    the center of the field are the Hiades. Also Pleiades are visible . Date 
    and time in the screen are correct. The video was recorded in Madrid 
    (3.7W, 40.4N).
    Thank you for your help! As an extra you can see a meteor a second after 
    the flash! :-)
    Paco Ocaņa
    Madrid, Spain
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