Observation in broad daylight

From: Dr. Stefan Erdmann (w-e@citykom.net)
Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 20:25:16 UTC

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    Hello, my name is Ulrike and I joined your list because something I 
    watched two days ago has made me extremely curious.
    It was Saturday afternoon and I was lying in my garden flat on my back 
    and looking idly into the cloudless sky. A tiny light-grey spot aroused 
    my curiosity,it was clearly far, far away
    and didn't seem to move at all,standing a little south of the zenith. 
    After watching for two or three minutes I went in and fetched my 
    When I had found the spot again I could see that it was an object that 
    was tumbling , and about 2/3 of it was bright margenta-red. Now I could 
    also see that it was moving north increasingly fast
    I could follow it for about one minute, then it vanished from view. No 
    smoke or any kind of trace like sometimes seen with meteorites.
    Could it be a satelite or rather space-junk coming down?
    Time: Sat, 30 August  5:00 Pm Summertime
    Place: Greven, Germany,   Lat 52.100  Long. 7.617   46m
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