Re: lacrosse 5 (2)

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 16:38:59 UTC

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    Marco Langbroek schreef:
    > Ted Molczan schreef:
    >> My guess is that the change in colour that you observed was due to a 
    >> variation
    >> in the amount of gold thermal blanket reflecting light in your 
    >> direction as it
    >> passed.
    > Or, simply a function of the brightness? Bright objects often appear 
    > "white" to me. Lacrosse 5 on average is a bit brighter than the other 
    > Lacrosses, is my impression.
    But then, thinking a bit more about it: maybe this is due to the colour 
    difference, as the eye is less sensitive to red. So a more red coloured object 
    will appear to be fainter.
    - Marco
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