OT: Re: Significant events i Dawn launch for Australia

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 04:54:44 EDT

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    Obviously it is off topic for me to reply to Gordon's query in this forum.
    But as the question was mentioned in here, it may cause some to wonder so II 
    will mention that the eruption was not a major one though one person did 
    suffer injury.
    If anyone wants more info I recommend http://www.geonet.org.nz as a source 
    of reliable and up to date scientific information.
    As for satellite watching, been cloudy most of the week and prospects are 
    that we will get one day's clear sky at the most till at least the weekend.
    Now if the volcano really does go bang then an ash cloud might have some 
    effect too!
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    > Looks like Dawn might be visible over northern Australia on Thursday
    > between AEST 22.11 and 22.37. Unfortunately it appears it will be over
    > my northern horizon.
    >      Gordon
    >      Newcastle, Australia
    > P.S. How's the volcano going?
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