try for unknown tonight?

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2007 - 19:16:20 EDT

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    This is specifically to ask for a little help, if it's 
    convenient, from folks in Texas and Oklahoma, for 
    tonight at about 9:00 PM Central time, plus or minus 
    about five minutes or so.  The unknown that was seen 
    six nights ago and again three nights ago should show 
    up again tonight.  Now it looks like there may be bad 
    clouds coming rapidly this was from the east.  I'm 
    tempted to drive somewhere but am not sure I could 
    get far enough soon enough to make much difference.
    Three nights ago as seen from here it skimmed northern 
    Scutum, crossed southwest Aquarius, southern Delphinus, 
    the middle of Equuleus and then into Pegasus.  Thus, 
    it went north of lambda Aquarii, south of beta Aqr, 
    very near delta and gamma Equulei, north of epsilon 
    Pegasi (Enif) and south of alpha Pegasi.
    Its Quicksat intrinsic magnitude is estimated to be 
    maybe as bright as +3.0, which is roughly a standard 
    magnitude of +4.5.
    We may all get clouded out by remnants of westward-bound
    remnants of tropical depression 10, but any positional 
    help will be greatly appreciated!
    Three evenings from tonight it should be seven to eight
    minutes earlier, more or less, but otherwise on a fairly
    similar track, I think.
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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