Re: orbital data available for Worldview 1 and CBERS-2B

From: Justin Ray (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2007 - 20:42:38 EDT

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    According to the preflight plan: Spacecraft separation would be in a 
    97.4 degree orbit.....the upper stage would then perform an evasive 
    burn and propellant depletion burn, ending up in a 204x494 km orbit 
    at an inclination of 111.33 degrees.
    Justin Ray
    Spaceflight Now
    >Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >>>Take a look at the data for the Worldview one rocket,
    >>>something seems wrong for it
    >>>And here I thought the rocket would have the same
    >>>inclination as the sat
    >You are right. Look at the historical TLEs. The inclination for the 
    >B object jumped from 97.5 to 112.3 between 07261.946 and 07262.017.
    >Also, an older TLE for the A object showed its inclination was 112.3 
    >at 07261.879, but jumped to 97.5 by 07262.025.
    >Not only does something seem odd, but it also looks like they may 
    >have had them reversed at one time.
    >   Ralph McConahy
    >   38.3306N, 75.6970W, -25m (WGS84)
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