Sputnik 1 magnitude

From: Rodney Austin (rodcomet@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 10 2007 - 20:52:47 EDT

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    As I was only 12 and a few months short of 13, when Sputnik 1 was
    launched, my memory is a bit hazy on the precise circumstances of the
    only time I saw it. From memory the magnitude would have been close to
    5-5.5 at an elongation of close to 150 degrees from the sun. That is a
    very rough estimate, as I recall the sky was dark(ish) being not long
    after the end of twilight, and the satellite was about 70 degrees
    altitude in the north-east heading towards the south-east. I have no
    idea of the date but it was probably in mid to late October 1957.
    Quite a few months later I got a very brief glimpse of Sputnik 3 through
    a hole in the cloud. I never did get to see Sputnik 2.
    Rod Austin
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