Very bright ISS through cloud

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 05:30:40 EDT

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    I have just observed a very bright pass of the ISS  with possible flaring at 
    culmination before shadow entry.
    The ISS was clearly visible even through passing clouds and just at 
    culmination in a relatively clear patch it was extremely bright. Calsky had 
    its maximum magnitude at -3.4 but I consider the ISS was much brighter at 
    culmination, it had the appearance of flaring and even seemed as bright 
    as -6, comparable with the best Iridium flares.  Exact timing was not taken 
    though predicted timing of culmination was 07:07:35 UTC - and no chance of 
    determining exact position when nothing else could be clearly picked up in 
    that area of sky!
    Some compensation for the mixed weather we have had lately, hopefully as the 
    present cold front clears the area we may be in for clear skies.
    As we have some good passes to come in the next few day I may get more 
    chances to compare magnitudes with those predicted.
    in a very chilly
    New Zealand
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