Cosmos 2388 looks to be flashing nicely, Directv 2 flashes, and THURAYA 1

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Sep 04 2007 - 10:44:43 EDT

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    I used the video camera, at the end of the scope, to observe high up satellite's last night, ie
    the below stuff:)
    While watching flashes from Directv 2 ( 23192 ) Cosmos 2388  ( 27409 ) a Oko satellite came by. It
    appears to be a nice flashing sat. Will have to check on it later.
    I observed Directv 2 flashing. It flashes slowly, and gave a flash just over 2 minutes apart. I
    also notice a quick flash in between the slow flashes. 
    One of the flashes
    I observed THURAYA 1 ( 26578 ), and at no time, could I not see it.
    It gave a couple of bright flashes, around the time I reported before, when using the wide feild
    THURAYA 1 is one interesting flashing geo sat, I plan keeping my eye on it.
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