Waiting forTHURAYA to flash slowly

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Sep 01 2007 - 22:08:37 EDT

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    I have setup, and are using the tracking mount on THURAYA 1 ( 26578 ). Now to wait for it to start
    flashing, hopefully before I go into work.
    I am recording the video, so if it flashes later, I'll find out.
    If anyone out, and can see it from there location, keep an eye out starting around 2:30 UTC for
    it's slow flashes. So get your binoculars ready, as you'll need them. 
    Now be good, and start flashing around the above time.
    Now to see what really happens. Not enough data to know what's it behaviour is like.
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