USA 186 flare galore (and on photo!)

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 17:33:00 EDT

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    Observed Keyhole KH-12 USA 186 (05-042A, #28888) flare twice during its 20:44 
    UTC pass here, one short flare near the zenith and one brilliant long flare at 
    ~50 degrees north. Both flares were captured photographically, in two seperate 
    photo's, as well as seen.
    20:43:46 +/- 2s UTC   mag +1, very short (< 1s)
    20:44:43 +/- 2s UTC   mag -2, brilliant, very slow (>10s)
    The long brilliant mag. -2 flare resulted in a beautiful photograph, a cropped 
    (and reduced for file size) version is on-line at:
    Positions will follow later.
    And I almost missed these one! A spade of fireball reports came in (bright one 
    seen all over my coutry, 17:35 UTC), and in answering these I almost forgot the 
    time. At 20:42 UTC I realised a 20:44 UTC pass was imminent, rushed out, hastily 
    planted the tripod & camera on the courtyard and took two very lucky shots...!
    - Marco
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